Farm and Farm Stay

The Fattoria Marchetti is located in 18 hectares of land in the pretty hills of Marche Region.
We have organic certified cultivation of olive oil, wine, fruits and cereals. We also pay special attention to Ancient fruits and the precious olive from Ascoli Piceno, oliva tenera ascolana.
We grow our own food, we use alternative energy sources for 16.6 kw and we collect rainwater.
We keep farm animals all of them living in a natural habitat and feeding on organic food.

  • Oil


    The Fattoria Marchetti has got 2704 olive trees on about 10 hectares of land. 300 olive trees produce the precious olives from Ascoli Piceno, oliva tenera ascolana. We produce extra virgin olive oil, which has got the organic certification.

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  • Wine


    Our 4000 grapevines of Malvasia, Passerina, Merlot, Sangiovese, Montepulciano produce organic red and white wines, we make and keep our wine in our own wine cellar.

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  • Animals


    We keep farm animals for manure and food. They live free in a natural habitat and they feed on organic food. Farms are fascinating places for children. Perhaps it’s due to those early books we read to them where they learn to identify a cow, chicken, pig, horse, sheep and other farm animals, or the songs they learn like ‘Old Macdonald had a farm’. But for whatever reason, small children adore watching the farmer go about his daily business, and learning about life on the farm.

    Stay on a farm to enjoy the best of the countryside, good food, and sometimes participate in farm life.

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  • Fruits


    We have a rich selection of fruits, vegetables and herbs paying special attention to Ancient fruits. The farm produces organic food and provides of subsistence needs with the goal of reducing environmental impact and returning to a home – based, family – centered and self – sufficient way of life.

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