Artisan Bread School in Farm

If you’d like to develop existing talents or enhance your passion for food, then our courses are the perfect experience for you.

Our team will give you the confidence you need to then continue your learning at home.

Simple and amusing.

2 days course of bread making in Farm!

The courses will cover:

working with sourdough ,fresh yeast and starting and maintaining your own sourdough leavens & an overnight sponge
Fermentation, mixing, kneading, folding, shaping a loaf, proofing & retarding
Temperature and humidity control
Baking in a wood-fired oven

We will be making 100% sourdough loaves, breads using both sourdough and fresh yeast as well as fully yeasted breads. Students will make cacciannanze (a typical focaccia from Marche Region) and Marchigiano Bread.

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